Hi my name is Sarah!

Hey!!!!!! Nice to meet u!!!! My name is Sarah! Please leave a comment!!!! As you will find out later i am crazy and awesome @ the same time. See u later!!!!



Hi! It’s Katie!

Hi! This is Katie, fellow writer of Forever 17! Yeah! Now hopefully if you are reading this, you have read the Twilight series. If you haven’t then, say it Kathi!

“If you don’t read Twilight then I’ll provoke the Volturi and blame you.” Muhahhahaha!!!!

Ahem, anyways. This, as you already know(unless you have the memory of a goldfish a.k.a 3 seconds), is Katie! The writers of Forever 17 are Kathi, Sarah, and Me. I know you have not met Sarah yet, but until she gets herself over here, we will just have to continue. As they say ‘the show must go on!’

Okay now I am just blabbing so I’ll stop. But! we will write later this week.

Until then…..

See ya!!